The World Wide Web has provided a medium for companies and individuals to put up a site promoting and administering their business to a greater audience. With this, they have to consult web site hosting and suggestions to help them establish their site.

Web hosts serve as a data center where clients can upload the necessarily files and information that is required to develop their sites, as well as connect the clients to the Internet. Different types of web hosts grace users, from single page hosting most common among personal web pages to dedicated hosting sites where users get to enjoy full control of which content to publish. Shared web hosting serving, where a client's site becomes part of a server with other sites, and a reseller web hosting, which gives clients the opportunity to become web hosts themselves, are the other types of web host services.

Majority of this web hosting service providers are assumed to have 99.9% uptime reliability, meaning that the sites can be accessed in the Internet at anytime, unless the server restarts or forewarns clients that it will undergo maintenance. However, the reliability does not take into account the network downtime, which is potentially larger than the 0.01% indicated by the providers.

Individuals would not have to pay anything since cheap web hosting comes for free. However, they have to take into account that a free service has limited features which would prove insufficient for those who are looking for something more. They would have to spend in order to benefit from web hosting sites loaded with exceptional features and great service. In particular, business web hosting caters to those who are serious in bringing their operations online.